The Aesir are a military group appearing in Odin Sphere. They are the army of Demon Lord Odin and are based within the northern realm Ragnanival.


  • Demon Lord Odin (King and Top commander.)
  • General Brigan (General, second only to Odin.)
  • Princess Griselda (Primary Valkyrie Commander.)
  • Princess Gwendolyn (Valkyrie Commander following Griselda's death.)

Member RacesEdit


The apparent mainstay of the Aesir forces, and most likely the vanguard warriors of the army. Also, Odin and Brigan both seem to be members of the Berserker race.


Support warriors of the army. The Valkyrie also seem to be used occasionally for sneak attacking or flanking through use of their ability to fly, as Odin attempted to use this to his advantage during an early battle of the Cauldron.


Dwarves seem to fill the role of engineering among the Aesir, and similar roles. They are also most likely the primary smiths of the army. They also seem to fill the role of bombardiers and trap layers, as they also occasionally enter battles themselves using bombs as their primary weapons.


Gargoyles can also be found guarding the capitol city of Nebulapolis, most likely enchanted by Aesir sorcerers or engineered by dwarfs. They are not seen outside of the capital city however, and are mostly liklely designed purely for defensive purposes.

Military StrengthEdit

The Aesir seem to have impressive power, as they were able to maintain a near-constant state of warfare throughout the known storyline, first against the Valentines and later against the Vanir. According to a text found in-game, before the war started with the Valentines the Aesir had military strength sufficient to conquer Titania.


During the Armageddon the Aesir were destroyed by the forces of the Netherworld, commanded by King Gallon. Prior to this a number of misfortunes began to occur within the Aesir, most notably Brigan's attempted rebellion, the de-activation of the Crystallization Cauldron, Ingway's invasion of Ragnanival with the support of Queen Odette's forces, and finally their defeat during the Vanir's counter-attack which resulted in the loss of possession of the Crystallization Cauldron.

In GameEdit

The player will battle with the forces of the Aesir whenever the story happens to direct them to Ragnanival. Also, Oswald, Mercedes, Velvet and Cornelius will battle them at the Ruins of Valentine area. In addition to that, the final two will also encounter the Vanir forces at this location as well. Warriors, Valkyries, Dwarves and, in the case or Nabulapolis Gargoyles, will be encountered during normal areas, and Barbarian Warrior Berzerkers will be encountered as Sub-Bosses. In addition, Gwendolyn will encounter them as sub-bosses at Winterhorn Ridge in addition to the normal Desecrators, though she will not encounter Aesir forces in normal areas.