Alice and socrates 2
Alice, the reader of the books
Relatives Mother
Gwendolyn and Oswald (possible ancestors)
Affiliations Socrates (pet)
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland 1000 years in the future of Erion (speculated)
Voice Actor Wendee Lee (uncredited)
Seiyū Kazuko Kojima

Alice is a young human girl who reads the Odin Sphere books that tell the story of five heroes who fought to save their world. The Player only ever controls her while selecting a story to play through. She only appears in the actual storyline in the scene following Gwendolyn's victory over Leventhen and fall to the ground, provided the player selected the character to battle the five beasts of Armageddon. In this scene she feels sad over the end of the story but finds the final missing Valentine Coin on the cover of the final book, she is then called out of the attic by her mother and as she leaves Cornelius and Velvet arrive to collect the coin and then they teleport away.


  • A rumour between fans says that Alice is a direct descendant of Oswald and Gwendolyn, the possibility being her grandfather owning the books with the Pooka coins on them as well as her fair blonde hair, reminding of Gwendolyn's and Oswald's.

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