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Baromett seed

The Baromett Seed is one of numerous seeds that can be collected in Odin Sphere. Unlike most other seeds in the game that grow fruit or herbs, when planted, the Baromett Seed produces two sheep instead.


After being collected either through chests found in stages or through vendors, the player can plant the Baromett Seed in any stage they may be playing. In order to grow into a fully mature plant, the Baromett Seed requires 12 Phozons.


After reaching maturity, the two sheep produced by the plant drop off and begin wandering the stage. The player must then hit them repeatedly until they die and turn into Lamb Chops.


  • In issue 218 of The game magazine Electronic gaming monthly an interview with one of Odin Sphere's creators George Kamitani, it was discovered that George Kamitani had heard about a 17th century document about a plant called "Scythian Lamb" that was eaten by wolves, and ever since he had heard about the Scythian Lamb he had always wanted to see the idea of a Scythian Lamb in a video game.
  • There is also a possibility that Baromett may be related to "The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary", a mythical plant that grows lambs out of the plant.