The Carroteer is a carrot-like mandragora used to make potions using Alchemy.

Found Mostly inEdit

Nebulapolis, Raging Battlegrounds and Ringford Forest

Uses in AlchemyEdit

  • Alchemy Mix E: Elixir- a magical elixir that heals even the worst injuries instantly.[ingredients: material[8]+carroteer]
  • Alchemy Mix H: Healing Tonic- a potion that recovers 200HP [ingredients: material[0]+carroteer]
  • Alchemy Mix P: Painkiller- cuts damage in half and prevents knockback [ingredients: material [2] +carroteer]
  • Alchemy Mix T: Toxic- releases a poisonous cloud that crawls forward and poisons enemies. [ingredients: material[6]+carroteer]
  • Alchemy Mix U: Unlimited POW- grants unlimited POW for a short duration. [ingredients: material[4]+carroteer]