Odins Sphere Debug Menu

A debug mode/room is an area normally inaccessible to the players that the programmers and designers used as a means of testing out certain parts and animations of the game.

Odins Sphere does have a debug menu that is only accessible using an ARMAX Code on the PS2


Hold SELECT and Press START for Debug Menu

3TVU-3W9J-3E8Z6  MJ5E-Z90H-8PQPW


Press Circle to confirm choices.


The Debug features are:

  • Return to the Checkpoint
  • Return Scenario (If you selected you will be taking to a screen that features all scenes from the game)
  • Exit Debugmode (Does nothing.)
  • Monster (You can let any enemies appear such as Brigan,Odin,Oswald etc.
  • Item (You will be taken to a menu where you can select any Items from the list you want. There are also some unused items.)
  • Status (You can modified status from each character that are on the screen.)
  • View SE (on/off) ???
  • Parameter (It will let you change the values from your status such as HP.)
  • View floorline (on/off) (It will let the floorline appear in the game you can also see the hitbox aswell the hurtbox from the character that you are currently play.)
  • Invincible (on/off) (It will let you be invincible. Once you turned on you can´t turned off anymore)

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