Dwarf Lilipat (left) and Ragnanival Dwarf (right)
Leaders Lilipats: Queen Elfaria
Ragnanival Dwarfs: Demon Lord Odin
Ally Races Ragnanival Dwarfs:
Characteristics Technological Prowess
Notable Members Brom,

Dwarfs are a recurrent race of Erion,

History Edit

At some point they were one of the most technologically advanced races in the land, only surpassed by the mighty kingdom of Valentine. It is known through documents that the Dwarf race lived in Ringford near the Fairy race with whom they had a bitter relationship. Queen Elfaria attempted to unite the races acknowledging the technological knowledge of the Dwarves. However many Fairies opposed and the relationship soon turned belical.

During said conflict the Dwarves started to abuse the Cauldron which went out of control. Elfaria however ordered that both ally and foe be saved and put herself in front of the Cauldron to stop it. The Dwarves were captured and ready to be sentenced but Elfaria forgave them instead. This act of kindness earned her the respect and loyalty of a large number of the Dwarf race. However a handful of them escaped and joined the Aesir instead.

Those who became part of the Fairy realm were discouraged from working at the forge and became known as Lilipats. Unlike Lilipats, Ragnanival Dwarves are skilled at making bombs and are frequently seen on the battlefield. They are also skilled at making technological weapons as revealed on Leifthrasir where they appear as the Gyro Dwarf, piloting a flying base with a chopper and full-armed Battleships with lock-on lasers, missiles, flamethrowers and electric shields.

Appearance Edit

All Ragnanival Dwarves wear armor including a metal helmet with two horn-like protrusions. They carry a green pack filled with bombs and can be seen burying or throwing them on the battlefield. Most of the Lilipat wear green tunics with a small cape and brown tights. Instead of helmets, they favor pointy hats with a leaf dangling from the tip. All Dwarves have trim white beards.

Trivia Edit

  • In Norse mythology, the Dwarves were master craftsmen and often created artifacts for the gods, and it seems Odin Sphere reflects that in the crafting of the Psyphers (particularly in the case of Brom).
  • Mercedes calls Matthew grandfather, supporting the theory that Dwarves can mate with and produce Fairies.
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