Hindel, the all knowing dragon
Titles Being of Mind,
All Knowing Dragon
Relatives Unknown (possibly the other dragons seen in the game)
Affiliations Wagner
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Homeland Winterhorn Ridge
Profession None
Abilities/Powers Omniscient
Weapon None
Voice Actor Doug Erholtz (uncredited)
Seiyū Norio Wakamoto

Hindel was an all-knowing Dragon who foretold the the end of Erion. He could see the future, compelling many to climb Winterhorn Ridge in order to question him. However, many of his prophecies were misunderstood, causing him to stop gazing into the future. Hindel, who seems to be against violence, is the only dragon in the game who does not serve as a boss.

Princess Velvet sought him in order to learn how she may prevent the curse and death her mother, Princess Ariel, predicted for her children from coming true. Hindel suggests that she may find her answer in the prophecies, but informs her that the future cannot be avoided. He himself has foreseen that he will soon be killed by a black knight from the Fairy Kingdom, and there is nothing he can do to avoid it. Velvet is horrified, but Hindel asks her to please not interfere with his rest. Soon after Velvet leaves, Oswald arrives to slay the dragon as ordered by his foster-father Melvin in order to prove the Belderiver 's power to Queen Elfaria. During the ensuing battle, Hindel apparently held back, likely knowing Oswald's role in the future. Before dying he tells Oswald the identity of his true father and to "follow the bird".

Hindel's death was one of the major factors leading to Wagner's enragement towards psypher-weilders. Wagner feels deep, painful sadness at the loss of his friend, and later tries -unsuccessfully- to avenge him.