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the five mandragoras

Mandragoras are plant creatures that actually run around. When a Mandragora is nearby the character will hear a squeaking noise; all the character has to do is jump on the ground in that spot and the mandragora will jump out and start to run away. In order to catch one, the character must strike it once and then pick it up.

There are five different Mandragoras: Onionne, Carroteer, Turny, Cubsbane and Haneberisto.

  • Onionnes are yellow and look similar to real-life onions. They can be found almost everywhere, but especially in the Forest of Elrit and Ringford .
  • Carroteers are orange and look like carrots. They can usually be found in Ragnanival and the ruins of Valentine.
  • Cubsbane are purple and are usually found in the Netherworld. They are based off of real-life egg plants.
  • Habaneristos are red pepper-like mandragoras that are mostly found in Titania and in the Volkenon Lava Pits. They are the only mandragora capable of dealing damage, as they can breath fire.


From left to right: Turny, Carroteer, Cubsbane, Onnione and Haneberisto

Mandragoras have many uses. For instance each one can be used in Alchemy to create many different things depending on the number the Material is. Mandragoras can also be used in the Pooka Kitchen and the Pooka Café to create delicious meals with very high exp, but can also be eaten raw to heal ten points worth of damage.

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