Odin Sphere Wiki
Myris, Gwendolyn's lady-in-waiting
Titles Little Pooka
Relatives None
Affiliations Gwendolyn,
Prince Cornelius,
Gender Female
Race Pooka
Homeland Valentine
Profession Servant
Abilities/Powers Immortality
Weapon None
Voice Actor Tara Platt (uncredited)
Seiyū Miki Ito

Myris is the servant and confidant of the Valkyrie Princess Gwendolyn. Both she and the princess share a very close bond similar to that of siblings or a mother-daughter one. She is very protective of the people who she cares for, especially Gwendolyn (as shown when she stood up to Oswald, stating that she won't allow the Shadow Knight to use the princess). At first she did not trust Oswald, but she quickly trusts him when he goes so far to find a way to awaken Gwendolyn and protect her.

In the game's bad ending, she was the last survivor during Armageddon. She was last seen on top of Winterhorn Ridge, which she implies as "the last piece of land in Erion" as everything else is swallowed by the ocean. She was distraught over the end of the world, and praying for someone to survive the world's total destruction so her own death would have meaning.

During the good ending, Winterhorn Ridge collapses as a result of Leventhan attempting to destroy what remains of the world. As Gwendolyn had agreed to meet with Myris and Brom there if all else failed, the two died alongside the other Pooka.