Odin Sphere
developer Vanillaware , Atlus
publisher Atlus, SquareEnix
released United States,May 22 2007.Europe March 14 2008.Japan May 17 2007.
genre Action Rpg, Platformer
modes Single player
ratings ESRB: Teen
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platforms PlayStation 2
media 1 × DVD-ROM
input DualShock 2 Controller

Odin Sphere is a 2-D fantasy role playing game created by Vanillaware for the PlayStation 2.


The game consists of five individual plots, that tell the story of five protagonists who are all tied to the fate of their world. Each protagonist wields a weapon known as a Psypher, it is a powerful crystal based weapon that can absorb Phozons (life force) from fallen enemies. The stories are all connected to one another but each one takes a different course. It is also possible to meet another protagonist in one story either as an ally or an enemy.

The game starts off with a young girl named Alice who finds a collection of books in her attic telling her the story of a land called Erion and five protagonists.

Book 1: ValkyrieEdit

Main article: The story starts with a character named Gwendolyn where she is the first protoganist that can be played throughout the game.

The scene begins with Gwendolyn speaking to her older sister, Griselda, who has been mortally wounded in the war of  the Ragnanival Army aganist the Ringford Army, as both forces fight over the Cauldron. 

Book 2: The Pooka PrinceEdit

Main article: The second chapter starts with Cornelius, a blue rabbit with a sword. He was once human, but he was cursed to become a pooka. He is the second playable character, who starts in Neitherworld. He finds a way to escape and fights his way out of Neitherworld.

Book 3: Fairy LandEdit

Main article: Starts Mercedes Third Playable Character  The Map is To Ringford forest which she take bow from her mother to hunt some frog in their lands Her mother died in early for her story

Book 4: The Black SwordEdit

Main article: 

Book 5: FateEdit

Main article:

Book 6: ArmageddonEdit

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Book 7: Wheel of FateEdit

Main article:

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