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Pooka Kitchen
Pooka Kitchen.jpeg
Greater Location Pooka Village
Realm Underground Valentine
Capital n/a
Ruler n/a
Owner Melelunch
Currency Valentinian Coins
Inhabitants Melelunch
Military Force n/a
Greatest Weapon n/a

The Pooka Kitchen is a rustic cookery located in the hidden Pooka Village and acts as the more savory counter-part to the sweeter Rabbit Café across the street. The cookery is owned and operated by a female Pooka named Melelunch , and first becomes available to the player after visiting Nebulapolis as Gwendolyn.


Similar to the Rabbit Café, the Pooka Kitchen is a prime location to efficiently raise your character’s level and hit points by consuming delicious gourmet cuisines. These dishes provide a significant boost in EXP that far exceeds that of normal food purchased from vendors or found in battle. Some dishes can even be wrapped up "to-go" and be used to give your character a significant edge in battle.

To create a dish, the player will have to be carrying the necessary ingredients in their inventory as well as possess the correct recipe and Valentinian coin (Ariel, Valentinian or Commemorative). Most recipes can be obtained from chests after completing a particular stage, while some secret recipes will only become available after repeatedly creating a dish a specified number of times. Keep in mind that the player will have to leave and re-enter the Pooka Kitchen before a secret recipe to appear on the menu.

Ingredients can be purchased from merchants, found on the battlefield, or grown from seeds using phozons. In addition, some ingredients can only be found in specific areas (such as mandragoras), so make sure to note where different ingredients pop up because some areas cannot be accessed during certain chapters. 


Recipe Name Exp HP+ Ingredients Coin
Grilled Lamb 300 n/a Lamb Chop Ariel
Egg on Toast 1200 n/a Egg, Hot Cross Bun Ariel
Seafood Salad 1200 7 Shrimp, Onionne Ariel
Fish & Fruit Salad 1900 15 Shrimp, Onionne, Mulberry Ariel
Carpaccio 1200 7 Fish Fillet, Onionne Ariel
Salad 1900 12 Onnionne, Carroteer, Turny Ariel
Mandra Salad 8000 33 Onionne, Carroteer, Turny, Habaneristo, Cubsbane Commemorative
Chips Salad 2100 15 Shrimp, Carroteer, Rosemile Ariel
Salmon Escabeche 4200 25 Fish Fillet, Onionne, Milk, Habaneristo Valentinian
Muggle Escabeche 7500 35 Fish Fillet, Milk, Muggle, Onionne, Habaneristo Commemorative
Steamed Salmon 4500 24 Fish Fillet, Napple, Mulberry, Onionne Valentinian
French Onion Soup 1400 10 Cheese, Onionne, Hot Cross Bun Ariel
Cold Cheese Soup 2600 18 Yogurt, Cheese, Milk Ariel
Vichyssoise 4650 28 Ruewort, Onionne, Milk Valentinian
Consomme 8300 35 Chicken, Ruewort, Onionne, Carroteer Commemorative
Pot-Au-Feu 2800 15 Chicken, Carroteer, Turny Ariel
Cream Stew 1300 6 Fish Fillet, Milk Ariel
Turny Cream Stew 2300 13 Fish Fillet, Milk, Turny Ariel
Yogurt Stew 3850 22 Chicken, Carroteer, Yogurt Ariel
Shrimp Peperoncino 1100 9 Shrimp, Habaneristo Ariel
Gnocchi 500 2 Milk Ariel
Tricolor Gnocchi 5000 25 Milk, Egg, Carroteer, Habaneristo Valentinian
Shrimp Doria 1750 13 Shrimp, Cheese, Milk Ariel
Quiche Lorraine 1900 13 Egg, Onionne, Cheese Valentinian
Omlete 450 2 Egg Ariel
Cheese Omlete 1300 8 Egg, Cheese Ariel
Herb-Roasted Shrimp 3000 17 Shrimp, Ruewort Ariel
Chicken Au Gratin 1500 8 Chicken, Cheese Ariel
Smothered Chicken 3000 16 Chicken, Onionne, Cheese Ariel
Spicy Chicken 1900 10 Chicken, Habaneristo Ariel
Steak Tartare 1300 11 Lamb Chop, Egg Ariel
Roasted Lamb 4100 26 Lamb Chop, Napple, Mulberry, Onionne Valentinian
Stuffed Chicken 4800 27 Chicken, Milk, Onionne, Turny Valentinian
Lamb Steak 9999 40 Ruewort, Lamb Chop, Turny, Onionne, Carroteer Commemorative

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