Odin Sphere Wiki
Princess Ariel in her final moments
Titles Prophet
Relatives King Valentine (father)
Velvet (daughter)
Ingway (son)
Affiliations Demon Lord Odin (lover)
Gender Female
Race Valentinian
Homeland The Kingdom of Valentine
Profession Oracle
Abilities/Powers Capable of forseeing the future
Weapon Graveryl
Voice Actor

Princess Ariel was the princess of Valentine and the mother of twins Velvet and Ingway, and lover of King Odin. She was strangled by her father, King Valentine, who fell into madness when he learned of her romance with the King of Valentine's then-Ragnanival enemies, Odin. She died still loving her father, refusing to hate him.

She apparently had the gift of seeing the future, and left two scrolls (or two parts of one scroll) for her children, stating her undying love for both of them, as well as their doomed future.

When Velvet and Ingway were growing up, somewhere along the way they rejected their mother in front of the mad King Valentine, resulting in Princess Ariel's tears. Velvet later mused that their mother was crying not tears of sadness, but of joy, glad that her children were choosing life over death, because their grandfather certainly would have killed them both if they loved their mother.

Princess Ariel was an extremely kind individual, and undoubtedly beautiful. It has been said at least twice that her daughter, Velvet, looks just like her, which saves Velvet's life at one point in the game.