Gwendolyn fights a Revenant in Winterhorn Ridge
Homeland Winterhorn Ridge
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Revenants (also known as Bugbears in Leifthrasir) are the sub-boss found in Winterhorn Ridge. Revenants are also summoned by Skuldi. They are referred to as "The Desecrator of Souls", and appear as dark shadows with claws and teeth.

Revenants were once Shadow Knights like Oswald, whom all had wielded Psyphers sword Belderiver. They could not control the sword's full power, and were consumed by the curse, their souls taken to the Netheworld leaving them a mere shadow. Now they wander without purpose or memory.

Revenants are the bane of flying heroes as they can knock them out of the air. They will summon Ice Elementals to freeze the player character as well. Revenants also like to fade and reappear on a different part of the map.