A Revenant from the Netherworld.
Leaders Queen Odette, forced master. Formerly: King Valentine
Homeland Netherworld Endelphia Formerly: Valentine
Currency None.
Ally Races None.
Characteristics Imortality, ability to wander Erion at will if they can escape the Netherworld.

Although Pookas cannot age or die from natural causes, they can still be killed, and those that do die will take the shape of a small skeleton wearing ragged robes. Queen Odette hates Pookas for their aversion from the natural order due to their immortality, and so often tortures Revenants most of all. Most Revenants are left to carry torches around in the Netherworld for all eternity.

Unlike most undead, they are able to continue wandering in Erion, provided they can manage to leave the Netherworld in the first place. Also, unlike Pookas, Revenants seem to be able to cast Magic.

Notable RevenantsEdit