Odin Sphere Wiki
Greater Location Erion
Realm Southern
Capital -
Ruler Formerly: King Valentine
Owner -King Valentine
Currency Valentinian, Ariel and Commemorative Coins
Inhabitants Valentinians, Pooka
Military Force -
Greatest Weapon Crystallization Cauldron,

Valentine (also known as the Raging Battlefields) was the former kingdom of the Valentinians and the greatest kingdom in Erion before it was destroyed by its own weapon the Crystallization Cauldron.


Book 1: Valkyrie[]

This is the very first dungeon available for the player, and this also serves as Gwendolyn's first battlefield. Here, the player will be provided with tutorial and to familiarize themselves with the gameplay of Odin Sphere.

Book 2: The Pooka Prince[]

Cornelius is brought to Valentine by the dragon Wagner as thanks for sparing his life, and meets his fellow Pooka for the first time there. Later on he travels through the Raging Battlefields to protect Princess Velvet, eventually securing the Ring Titrel for her and enabling her to disable the cauldron.

Book 3: Fairy Land[]

This is the last level of Mercedes' book, during which she battles her way to a final confrontation with King Odin in order to destroy the Balor.

Book 4: The Black Sword[]

Book 5: Fate[]