Gwendolyn, the Valkyrie princess of Ragnanival
Leaders Demon Lord Odin
Homeland Ragnanival
Ally Races Berserkers (male counterparts),
Characteristics Wing equipped armor,
Superb Combat Skills
Notable Members Gwendolyn,

Valkyrie is the name given to all female soldiers who serve in the Ragnanival army. Their male counterparts are the Berserkers.


Although the wings they possess may suggest they are a different race from humans it is stated by many that they are actually humans just fitted with wings at the side, considering that during Oswald's story, a Unicorn knight says the following: "Strip away the courage from Odin's Witch, and all that remains is a weak human girl." Although he is referring to Gwendolyn, all valkyries may be human as well. Similarly, during Gwendolyn's story, she is referred to as a human by merchants, and in certain cutscenes, Gwendolyn's wings are nowhere to be seen, either hidden underneath her dress, or are simply part of her armor.

Those who translated the notes written next to character sketches of the Valkyries have confirmed that the wings are not natural, but part of a Valkyrie's armor.



Two Valkyrie soldiers, high rank soldier (left) and low rank soldier (right)

The Valkyries are an extremely resourceful people capable of performing many tasks, but their primary position is as soldiers for Odin's army. Each one lives to serve and fight for their King Odin, and they dare not fail him in battle, for doing so they will be stripped of their title and rank and they will be forced to marry a strong Berserker to produce equally strong offspring. Valkyries likely lose their wings when they lose their honor. They also have a very high sense of honor and an equally deep sense of loyalty, as such they will never show mercy to an enemy in battle and they will never let trivial things get in the way of their duties. When given an order that they know is extremely dangerous and may cost them their lives, they will still accept it without question. Even the ruthless orders of the wicked General Brigan, who belittles and abuses them, must be obeyed.

As EnemiesEdit

Low-ranking Valkyries fight in a similar style to Gwendolyn using their spears, albeit weaker and more limited. They can temporarily fly in the air and then swoop down and strike the player when close enough, so it's best to get far away from them when they are in the air. They can also block attacks with their shields, but they can easily be attacked from behind. High-ranking Valkyries, however, fight in a less limited fashion, stronger than low-ranking Valkyries but still weak in comparison to Gwendolyn. They are capable of using the same attacks but stronger and more strategic, and when defending they can block attacks from both front and back, or another Valkyrie will block for them.


During the Armageddon, the kingdom of Ragnanival has been vanquished by King Gallon's undead army. The final fate of the Valkyries is never shown, though it is presumed that they were killed with at least one survivor: Princess Gwendolyn. Through her, the Valkyries history may have been preserved.

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