Wheel of Fate is the final book read by the player in Odin Sphere, acting as an epilogue to the events of the game. It is only obtained after the player has successfully completed the True End of the Armageddon book by pitting the player characters against the correct bosses. Additional scenes in the book are unlocked by getting all the Armageddon cutscenes, including those from the False End, and collecting all the recipes from the Pooka Kitchen and Rabbit Cafe.

Land of Rebirth Edit

Unconscious after her battle against Leventhan, Gwendolyn continues to fall towards the ground, but is saved by Oswald through use of his shadow powers. The act ends up wearing him out, however.

Velvet and a weak Cornelius are by the Cauldron. Velvet states that she was able to stop the Cauldron without destroying its core; unfortunately, all the phozons were used up to speed up Leventhan's growth. Oswald then appears carrying Gwendolyn and collapses from exhaustion. Velvet finds the Ring of Titrel on Gwendolyn and realizes that their psyphers can be used to jumpstart the Cauldron. Cornelius urges Velvet not to use the Cauldron, as she'll become cursed if she does so. Velvet shakes her head, as she knows that Gwendolyn and Oswald are the ones destined to revive the world.

Atop the Cauldron, Velvet orders the Ring to break down Gwendolyn's Spear, Cornelius's Sword, the Belderiver, and Graveryl, releasing the phozons inside and returning them to the world to be used anew. As this happens, the curse King Valentine placed on the Cauldron activates, transforming her into a Pooka.

Gwendolyn and Oswald later wake up and lament over what has happened to the world. Their sorrow soon turns to hope as they witness the land being revived by the Phozons falling from the sky. They then go on to repopulate the world...

At the end of the credits, an image is shown of a large tree with a certain psypher crossbow tangled in its roots. Despite what she said as she lay dying, it turns out Mercedes wasn't useless; she has become the World Tree.

Blessing Edit

A thousand years after the Armageddon, Cornelius and Velvet have finally been able to amass every single coin from the Kingdom of Valentine and summon the apparition of Velvet's grandfather. Cornelius briefly stops Velvet from making their wish, as he realizes that if they remain as Pooka, they can live eternally in love. Velvet points out that their souls will never be able to return to the earth if they do so and that it is better to live a natural life as humans. Cornelius relents and the two make their wish.

In a great flash of light, Cornelius and Velvet are finally returned to their human forms. The two hold each other and promise never to let go of each other.